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Patricia Baird, owner and founder of Advanced Therapeutics Group, is a seasoned wellness coach with 20+ years of experience. She is licensed to practice medical physiotherapy massage, a specialist in skin care rejuvenation and has just completed 5.5 years of training in 5-Element Acupuncture. 

She has studied both domestically and abroad and hosts a vast array of both traditional healing and medically based modalities..

Voted top 5% by peers
Patricia is the best of the best and has been voted in the top 5% by her peers. She is much more than your average rub or basic massage. She provides innovative, committed, personalized patient care management. Her services are priceless, though your financial contributions do support the care she makes available to her clients.
While her practice is predominately referral-based, she is growing throughout the Seattle area. If you have been referred to Patricia, rest assured that they must have pre-screened compatibility and Patricia would be honored to work with you.
What is the top 5%?
In the Seattle area, all therapists are great. All are erudite, accomplished and dedicated to their practice. So, what does it come down to in choosing between great therapists and exceptional therapists? It is very much like selecting a fine wine or appreciating a meal prepared by your favorite chef. It comes down to the ‘essence’ of the substance, and how your essence, your palate receives and combines with the exchange. With every experience, there is an exchange of energy. We are all unique.

How we receive, what we need and when we need it is ever-changing. Patricia’s service are much the same. Every session is catered to your present needs. She will explore with you, solutions to your long-standing or chronic wellness challenges, especially physical challenges you may have been told you “just have to live with.
Patricia is dedicated to her practice and invites you to see if the two of you are a match. If not, she will do her best to guide you toward good options.
If you’re looking for a passionate, knowledgeable wellness champion, Patricia is the therapist for you. Call her today, for lifelong wellness.