Restoring Balance and Energy

Acupuncture is a 5,000+ yr. old system of effective medicine focused on maintaining and restoring the foundation balance between illness and health.

On a molecular, bio-chemical level, every cell in our body is a mini energy factory processing and converting the foods we eat into energy (ATP). This energy is used by our cells for repair, reproduction and to continue the chemical or physical activities the cell is responsible for.

Different cells have unique and different functions. Cells group together to form bones, nerves, skin, muscles and organs. Groups of cells form systems—i.e. digestive and nervous systems—and all cells contribute to & form your body's healthy interactive community, maintained and driven by energy.

This Asian system of healthcare considers the Chi (Qi) life force as the energetic blueprint from which the cellular structure of all living matter is formed. Science is able to measure Chi (Qi) energy as electrical output. The most widely know organ where a rhythmic electrical pulse is mandatory for health is our heart


The goal of acupuncture is to restore the natural energy balance, thus improving the functioning of our internal systems of, digestion, respiration, urinary & adrenal functioning, hormone & reproductive functions, neurological and muscular activity and relief of pain, if needed. Acupuncture restores and maintains the flow of energy, promoting a balanced and healthy you!

Acupuncture treatments are usually a painless technique of inserting very fine sterile, disposable needles into the skin at specific points to affect the Chi, or energy flow. This directional flow of energy is important in Asian medicine, which sees the organs of the body grouped together into interrelated, functional systems rather than existing in the body as discrete objects to be treated in isolation.

The 5-Element branch of acupuncture adds the emotional component to restoring a healthy emotional perspective to life.

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