Lymphatic Drainage is the massage of choice to:
  • Aid and boost your immune system
  • Reduce edema
  • Cleanse & Detoxify
Ours is a gentle, energy boosting, full body medical treatment. 

The immune system is a primary key to a disease free healthy body. Immune cells (also known as white blood cells) are our internal 'special forces' tirelessly protecting our homeland. The job of the immune system is to fight pathogens (foreign disease causing invaders) and to internally cleanse the body

Our most popular system of deep Chinese lymphatic drainage combines a private far-Infrared sauna with a deep lymph and acupuncture channel opening drain. Most clients experience immediate positive results, a boost in energy, and an improved sense of well being.
We also offer a castor oil manual drain for those with more compromised health challenges or preferences.

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