We accept most forms of health insurance to ensure your total body wellness.
Medical Coverage Plans: (Anything that is not auto-accident related)
Auto Coverage Plans: Any auto-related accident. Learn more about Personal Injury Protection via the link below:
DOES YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE OFFER COVERAGE? Most health insurance plans now recognize the cost-saving, therapeutic benefits provided by medical massage. Many subscribers are unaware of the massage coverage their plans afford them and needlessly suffer soft tissue or muscular pain and loss in productivity.

Plans including medical massage benefits are subject to the individual plan's deductible, co-pay or co-insurance provisions. Reimbursement rates are subject to the massage provider's in or out-of-network status with the plan. Some plans cover out-of-network providers at a reduced percentage of the plan's normal in-network contracted provider rate. Most plans are re-negotiated with employers and reset at the beginning of each calendar year. Re-checking your plan's negotiated benefits every January is a prudent action.

NO HEALTH INSURANCE MASSAGE BENEFITS? Consider setting up a pre-tax dollars Flexible Health Plan with your employer. These plans provide for medical massage coverage, often without restrictions. We will provide a reimbursement receipt for you to submit, or you can directly swipe your account card for payment. MEDICAL MASSAGE VS. WELLNESS MASSAGE

Medical Massage targets healing and relief for a specifically diagnosed condition. Often clients actively work with their therapist during the session to release and re-educate muscles and tissue, along with performing suggested home care between visits.

Many Health Insurance plans do require a physician’s prescription, including start and expiration dates, number of visits allowed, and the diagnosis codes associated with the patient’s specific complaint.

If needed, most prescriptions can be renewed if the massage therapist provides the physician with an updated progress report detailing the need for additional visits.

Plans Details

Health insurance plans providing massage benefits cover:

  • Injury

  • Stress

  • Pain

  • Loss/Limitations in Range of Motion

  • Repetitive Muscle Inflammation

  • Pre/Post Pregnancy Care

  • Pre/Post Surgery Care

  • Lymphatic Drainage for Pre/Post Cancer Recovery

  • Many other soft tissue conditions

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