FINE TUNE YOUR BODY The practice of fine tuning and repairing postural muscle groups.

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RELIEVE OVERWORKED, STRESSED MUSCLES Bodywork may be one of the most overlooked aspects of health and fitness in society today. By definition, it is a practice of fine tuning and repairing postural muscle groups as well as those used for day to day activities. SIT AT A DESK? READ ON: The concept of body work/massage addresses the body as a whole in assessing specific muscles and groups that are overworked, stressed and seized, and then treating them in sequence to relieve stress and pain found in either the immediate region or a referred area on the body.

Examples include shoulder and mid-back pain that stems from a chest that is overworked and pulled tight from sitting at a desk, working with computers. A poor work-related posture causes shoulders to round forward and stress is placed on the mid-back muscles.

By releasing the chest, the back is allowed to return to a natural position and is no longer stressed and painful. Bodywork often includes techniques of myo-facial release, neuromuscular re-education, resistive range-of-motion and other techniques to re-educate both muscles, fascia and tendons.