Skin reflects a healthy inner body – let us assist you with feeling great about yourself.

Graciously aging naturally is the glow of healthy, well maintained skin that reflects a healthy inner body. At age 40, our skincare needs are more reflective of the cumulative effects of our nutritional and lifestyle stressors and habits. As a society desiring an active longevity in our senior years, a significant number of baby boomers are focusing on proactive preventive skincare, wellness lifestyles and healthcare.
More than ever, active working 50+ individuals understand the importance of presenting a vital countenance reflected by their facial appearance. SKIN: THE KEY TO OVERALL WELL-BEING 40+ Skin Care at Advanced Therapeutics focuses on natural and highly specialized methods and products to maintain and renew your facial skin. This includes an assessment of your general health, as reflected by your skin. We will work with you to evaluate your nutritional needs and create an individualized, results-orientated plan, including home healthcare, for your overall well-being.
Alternatives to immune challenging products and harsh expensive treatments are available.

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