Ever want to discover a personal wellness resource? A coach and integrated wellness team dedicated to your peak performance?

One dedicated solely to your well being. A knowledgeable someone, to guide and champion you to health? Someone, committed to you reaching your peak performance! Who will work together with you, to undo old limiting patterns. and wants to help you turn back the clock to help you re-discover your vitality.

You can reach your potential for well-being and succeed with Advanced Therapeutics! Now’s It’s Your Time!
Patricia Provides:

• 22+ years private practice licensed Medical Massage Therapist

• Voted by peers as top 5% in field

• Chosen therapist for massage therapists

• Specialist in Injury Recovery

• Pain & stress Management

• Chronic Muscle Conditions

• Very Deep Neuromuscular & Physiotherapy Type Massage

• Sports & Postural Corrections

• Lymphatic Drainage

• Pre & Post Pregnancy Care

• Cleansing & Detox Therapy

• In-Home Massage Visits

• Corporate On-Site Table/Chair Massage

Providing a plan and a team

You need a health-care professional who can analyze the damage or performance challenges to your body and either provide immediate relief, or create an effective integrated recovery treatment plan along, with a post recovery lifestyle support routine, or help you find those who can.

As a holistic medical massage provider and recovery coach, I consider your whole body when creating a recovery treatment plan. Any conditions that

hinder or prolong your recovery are addressed in-house or by referral to a team of highly skilled professional providers.

We are ALL committed to working together towards your speedy recovery. With your consent, we meet regularly to discuss what will work best for those in our care.

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